is vitiligo hereditary

is vitiligo hereditary Vitiligo is one such condition which does not have any set cause. There are many Vitiligo causes which may 

occur and infect you with is vitiligo hereditary.

These is vitiligo hereditary have not been medically proven but some of them are considered to be very 


One such cause is Autoimmunity.

Autoimmunity is a condition in which a person’s own immune system turns against him or her and starts 

attacking other body cells like Melonocytes.

Melanocytes are the melanin-forming cells which give the skin its color.

Once these cells are attacked, they stop producing the pigment which gives the body its color.

Die to thin white patches start to appear all over the body, particularly on hands and face.

The other strongly considered cause is Genetic.

Vitiligo is one such condition which is believed to be hereditary in nature.

So if any of your ancestors have suffered from Vitiligo then you too are at a risk of suffering from it.

Other than these Vitiligo causes there are many other causes which are believed to cause Vitiligo.

However all of these are mere beliefs and nothing has been proven scientifically. 

For example, it is believed that your lifestyle also contributes to Vitiligo.

If you live in a stressful environment then there are good chances that you will contract Vitiligo.

Other than stress your diet to plays an important role. Eating lots of spicy food, raw meat or unbalanced 

meals can cause Vitiligo.

However as you can see, most of the other Vitiligo causes are the ones which we all live in daily. No matter 

how much you love your work life or social life, there is always stress. Also, hectic work schedules make it 

difficult to have a balanced meal always.

So does it mean that you will suffer is vitiligo hereditary?


All these causes aggravate Vitiligo. They supplement the main causes which are believed to be Autoimmunity 

and Genetic.

And since these causes are not something which you can control, there is nothing you can do about them. All 

you can do is to try and bring your Vitiligo under control.

Is it possible to control Vitiligo?


If you look at the supplementary causes of Vitiligo, you will realize that controlling them will eventually 

control your Vitiligo.

Get out of the stressful environment you have been surrounded with, eat healthy and balanced diet, reduce 

your intake of spicy and raw meat food items etc. are some of things which can do to bring your Vitiligo 

under control.

Hope you have now got an idea of the various Vitiligo causes and why you should not be bothered about them.